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Our Backwards Story

Opening Weekend 2018!

Man, were to start right?! 

First off my name is Emily and my husband, Dan, and  I created this Boutique back in 2018!  Having worked Corporate Retail for years, I wanted to create more of a Custom Shopping experience in my Community!

Lets back up...so I worked corporate retail in the Mall right after we got married in 2002 and LOVED IT!!!  I met soooo many great women and it was there that I realized retail was my Niche!

After having my 1st Baby I realized week 3 I wanted to raise my children and decided to step back from working to start raising our family at home.  I was home with my 3 children for 12 years and as they started to grow I wanted to get my Passion going again.  Why not, right!?

We opened Backwards Boutique and have Loved Serving Women and Helping the Busy Everyday Lady fill their wardrobe with pieces that make them feel Comfortable and Confident in their everyday Story! 

It's not uncommon my Family and Extended Family all works together at our Store!  It's been an amazing adventure all working together! 

I know what it's like to be pulled in a 1,000 ways and your clothing shouldn't stress you out everyday with "What to Wear!"  Let us help you start your day Stress Free by shopping with us!

Backwards Boutique


 Emily Leslie Backwards Boutique