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Tuxedos & Sandals Oh My!

It's a New Year and Exciting things are happening at the store!  Tuxedos and Sandals, 2 different wheel houses for sure!

First off, I want you all to try to take a good picture of your feet, not easy without falling forwards or making your feet look huge!  Sandals are arriving at the store and it hasn't even started snowing in Iowa yet!  Spring shoes are not really what everyone is looking for, but at least Backwards Boutique will be ready for those people taking winter trips!  Until Spring arrives, I'll keep practicing my Feet Pics I guess.  If you walk by the store and I'm laying Flat on my face on the ground, please assume I was trying to take a close up of my feet and wasn't successful!

Tuxedos really? I know they aren't for women but there's a need in my Community and we are ready to fill that need!  Backwards Boutique will now be a Jim's Tuxedo Vendor and will be renting Tuxedos, Suits, and Accessories. You can design a tuxedo right from the Logo Link on our Website or come into the store and we will go through the books. 

Most of you know I used to work retail and measuring was something I did with almost every client.  So measuring for Tuxedos can't be much different right?  Ha!  I had my first measurement this week and measuring women is SOOO much easier.  At a towering 5'4'' most women were close to my height and easy to measure.  So with Men, I'll have to figure out the whole height difference and have my step stool close by in case!  

So in the next few weeks we will be busy Running the Store, practicing measuring for Tuxedos, taking awesome Feet pictures (wonder if there's a Pinterest page for that?) and going to a January Market in Minnesota.  Sounds Fun to me! 

Really if you are a Foot Model I need tips!