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Reflecting on 2018 and the "Lessons"

I told myself when I started this journey the blogging part would be the easiest part of this new adventure, not so much!  I haven't blogged in weeks and it feels like just yesterday we were having our "not so soft" opening.  

So lets try to remember what happened within the last 6 weeks...honestly it's a blur!  The last 6 weeks have been so amazing for our new business and my family; we couldn't ask for more.  I feel like we have learned a life time of lessons within 6 weeks and I know there's plenty more lessons to learn.  

Biggest take- aways from the Last 6 Weeks:

* I love working with my Husband and Family at the Store.  I wasn't for sure how working side by side with Dan was going to work out, but it is awesome!  He is such a trooper carrying those heavy boxes, steaming product, helping move racks around the floor, and running the cash register at times.  I couldn't do this without him and he has been my biggest supporter through this journey. 

* Keeping the Fitting Room Rugs Clean is a Chore in itself.  I feel like a fitting room rug is a must because people like to stand on a soft surface, but man keeping them spotless is a challenge.  

* I love Christmas Music but can only handle so much of it.  That's an easy fix and next year I'll mix the music up a little to stay sane

* Women love Cardigans with Pockets and so do I!  If there's a cardigan with pockets it will sell out within days.  Good problem to have, but I always wonder what is the next hot item.

* What is "trendy" in LA, NYC, or even People Magazine does not always work in my community.  I am constantly watching Trends to see what's coming and what's the new thing but not everyone in Iowa is 6'5" with endless legs.  Like Momma says "Just because someone else is doing it, doesn't mean I should do it." 

* Facebook Live Videos - I need to Slow down when talking and the odd long blink, what is that?  Either way I know people enjoy watching them and I hope in years I can say I've improved on them too.  

Next year will be filled with more Lessons to be learned, friends to be made, and experiences to be had.  We are so blessed to have this opportunity to have a business in a Community we love and surrounded by the people we love.  Here's to a great 2019!