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Floor sets

My retail lovin gals will recognize the word floor set and immediately get that excited things are changing feeling and yet exhausted eye roll because floor sets take Hours!  That's the stage we are with the store. 

My poor husband has definitely earned a million gold stars with all the "can you please carry this 50lb rack across the room" and "um, now put that rack back on the other side of the room, it doesn't look right"!  It's a lot of shuffling products round and thinking we have it all set, just to change my mind 2.3 seconds later.  

My kids are loving this stage of the store because no one is in the shop yet and they get to play store.  Each kid takes a turn scanning the empty shoe boxes pretending to be customers who need a gift for their loved ones.  I even heard a "I need an anniversary gift.''  It warms my heart that the kids are enjoying this process right along side of us.  I am trying to remember to give the kids their chance to play and make memories because time is flying by so fast.  Of coarse right before we leave I quickly straighten the shoe boxes to my OCD tendencies so they all face the same direction.  

So for now we are pumping the loud music and drinking loads of coffee trying to get the floor set for our soft opening November 10th & 11th complete.  I'm sure after that weekend we will do another floor set, putting out the Christmas Decorations and tweaking the space to make our Store a fun shopping environment.