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Fall Closet Organization 101

Fall temperatures are settling in and the Colors are starting to make their presences known.  When I stop and think about my Favorite season, Fall is always the first that comes to mind.  Let's see...Back to School, not as many Bugs biting my Legs, Fire pit gatherings with Friends, of coarse then comes s'mores and the litters of children playing Football, and the Best part Big Comfy Sweaters!

Dressing for Fall is soooo much easier for me because if you are cold, layering is easy.  How about if you are too warm = distressed jeans which are sometimes just like shorts but I feel more comfortable in!  All the Fall colors also Blend together nicely so you don't have to worry about "Does this Match" or "What should I put with it?"  Those questions I get everyday in the Store, but not usually during Fall.

Before Owning Backwards Boutique I would grab something at a Store because it was cute or grabbed my eye.  I would get home thinking "I have 5 of the Same Sweater why did I buy that", not cool.   Grabbing items can work but knowing what you NEED may make your life a little easier in the morning when trying to get out of the house with both shoes on.  

What should you have in your wardrobe for Fall you may ask?

  • Pants/Jeans = Basic Denim (Work/Church), Colored (This Years Color is Faded Black or Olive), Fashion Denim (Distressed/Embellishment), & Professional Pant (I love our burgundy trouser)
  • Sweat Shirts = Booster Club Themed, Collegiate, & 1 Fashion Option (Fun Sayings)
  • Sweaters = Thin Basic (Great for Layering), Over Sized, & Fashion (Embellishment or Fun Patterns)
  • Dresses = 2 Knit Go-To's (Pattern or Basic your Choice)
  • Cardigans = Long Cardigans will be huge for Fall/Winter; Black, Grey, Fashion Pattern
  • T-Shirts = 2 Graphic Tees (Layering, Vest, Spontaneous Fall Heat Waves) & Basic Layering Tees (White and Black)
  • Tanks = nope not a mistake! Layering Tanks (with Bra support or w/out your preference). White, Black, & Nude are my Favorite
  • Vest will be Big this Fall/Winter = Basic Colors (Olive/Black/Burgundy) & A Fashion Vest with a Fun Plaid Pattern
  • Leggings = Please make sure wherever you buy your Leggings they give you support and aren't transparent.  My 5"4' Legs look different in quality leggings vs the thin ones, just saying.  
  • Fashion Necklaces - I try to grab 2 new ones each Season to mix it up (I love to ask for Fashion Necklaces for Gifts from Family & Friends)
  • Stocking Hat/Gloves = there are nights that a stocking hat or gloves make an appearance.  Please wash up last years (If you still can find them) or grab a fresh neutral color. (Olive, Burgundy, Black, Creams, Grey, or whatever floats your boat!)
  • Shoes = Low Bootie, Fashion Tennis Shoe, Basic or Fashion Flat

This List may seem like a lot but my guess is most of you have some version of these in your closet.  Go through your Closet/Dresser and get excited for the approaching Season.  Make your life easier by trying to make sure you have a good foundation of items to make those Mondays and early Mornings go just a little more smoothly! 

Go out today and hold that chin up High!