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Don't like Shorts, don't worry! You aren't alone

I love all things warm and sunny but I never have been a Lover of Shorts.  

If you are like me and struggle with Shorts, I want to talk you through some options that make great Short alternatives for Spring and Summer.
  • Joggers - I love joggers all year around.  Most styles are a relaxed fit so they won't make you Hot during those sunny days.  Joggers typically are a 26-28" inseam so fit like a capri, which again can provide you with some relief from the heat.
  • Skirts - What a great option for dressy or casual.  Back in the day skirts were typically worn only for Dressy but now put a cute pair of Sneakers on and Done!  I like to tuck my tanks or t-shirts in all the way in or just a Front tuck to show the shape of the skirt.
  • Capris - The mix between the Pant and short.  The Mid (calf length) is BIG for Dresses right now, so capris make total sense. They come in skinny, relaxed, and flair depending on your style.
  • Dresses - I know I know you don't want to "dress up" but now there are so many casual dresses just for the reason that short are Hard to fit!  Dresses can be worn with Casual Sneaker or heal and you have 2 looks in one piece!  Again the length is key on the look you want.
  • Jeans that Cuff/Roll - We have jean options that are meant to be cuffed just for the relaxed look.  If you can cuff your jeans to make it an ankle length or even capri, do it! 

If you do want to take the plunge grab a pair of shorts that have a good stretch.  You all know I love Liverpool's Stretch and options.  We have 2 Liverpool short options that are stretchy, good length, and wash that pairs with everything.  When buying shorts keep in mind that you may want to size up for comfort.

So there you have it!  Pick your style and comfort zone Ladies.  You don't have to LOVE shorts but know there are options available just for you!